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For additional information, contact Theresa at 212.920.5585

"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language." ~ Martin Buber

From Miami Beach to the New York Metopolitan area to a feature on Animal Planet,
Theresa has been acknowledged as one of the leading holistic pet practioners,
masseuses, and groomers in the United States. She has treated and groomed private pet
clients of celebrities at the Versace Mansion to photographer Bruce Weber to the
Jazzy Streets in Harlem.


        Friendly blocks and stoops of Brooklyn where I grew up my sisters and I were always spotting a
             hound looking shabby eating scraps from the garbage can. My basement became a hiding place from
              the bitter cold for many of these dogs and cats. In the early 80's as an aspiring ballerina, dog and cat
       grooming never crossed my mind, I was too focused on becoming a dancer. One afternoon I was
    invited to an  Animal Rights Demonstration in Bryant Park near 42 Street I was SHOCKED to 
             see such graphic pictures of the cruelty done to our furry friends. After that  experience I couldn't just
sit around doing nothing about it, so I got involved with PETA as an Animal rights activist
    petitioning and rallying in the streets of New York City. I became a voice for the voiceless
         in defense of animals from the whales, baby seals, cats, dogs, Baboons and the furry Raccoons.

     A few years later I stumbled upon a flyer, Dog Grooming School, I thought bows and painted
   toes not for me on the otherhand I said, I could make house calls educate the people on these
          issues and Pet nutrition. In 1990 I began my journey trimming, scrubbing dogs and cats and meeting
 wonderful people too.





Theresa was Guest Pet Masseur/Groomer at the Loews Hotel in Miami Beach
and participated in special events such as the Humane Society fundraiiser
and Walk a Dog. She has created Doggie Day Massage and Beauty Treatments
for pet events at several prestigious pet stores such as Scout, New York's
East Village Cosmopolitan Pet Boutique and Whiskers Holistic Pet Store.



For the past 20 years, Theresa has developed a unique holistic
approach to pet well-being that includes organic skin, hair
and body care products, combined with relaxation breathing,
positive vocal communication and Acupressue/Massage your pet
becomes calmer and adjusted througho
ut the grooming session. 

Special treatments include:

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For additional information, contact Theresa at 212.920.5585