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These days, deciding what to feed your dog and cat is no easy task. Before the birth of the pet food industry, dogs and cats dined on table scraps, but enter any supermarket today and you will be overwhelmed with dog food choices. You will have to decide between canned food and dry kibble; whether your dog should snack on a big-breed formula or munch on little dog fare. There are foods designed for puppies, for the arthritic, and the fat. Commercial foods such as the dry kibbles you find at the major pet chain stores and your supermarkets are a fairly recent invention. Many people don't believe that dry kibble provides the nutrition that their dogs need, especially since many kibbles include fillers, food colorings, and other things that have little nutritional value to dogs and that serve only to fill your dog up fast and make the foods cheaper to produce.

Some people are therefore returning to the basics. What did our dogs and cats eat before we had kibbles? Throughout years and years of history, dogs and cats were fed on the scraps from their humans. Scraps doesn't necessarily mean what was left on the plate after boiling, grilling, BBQing, or otherwise processing, but rather, raw meats from the game that was killed in the hunt. Being carnivores, dogs and cats do not have the digestive tract to enable them to digest grains. Lacking digestive enzymes such as amylase, dogs are unable to predigest complex carbohydrates in their mouth, taking a longer time to break down in their stomach and small intestine, if at all, thereby passing through inadequately digested and creating voluminous and smelly stools

Dogs {canis familiaris}, like their wild cousin, the wolf {canis lupus}, have many similarities: a large mouth opening (to facilitate taking down and grasping large prey); the large primary muscle on the side of the head/jaw (enabling a powerful bite); short, pointed teeth (for ripping and tearing flesh plus crunching bone), teeth meeting in such as way to facilitate a cutting motion similar to shears; and showing submissive behaviours to their owners/pack leaders. This is not to say that wolves and domestic dogs are entirely identical genetically.. Commercial dog kibble companies promote their product as a 'good' source of protein, but dogs (unlike humans) have difficulty digesting proteins derived from cereals and grains. Commercial kibble does sustain our dogs, but are they healthy? Have you noticed how kibble-fed dogs and cats all eventually develop tartar build up on their teeth, some excessively so? Have you noticed how many commercial products are available for (unsuccessfully) removing tartar on the market? Did people prior to the 50s and 60s used to be required to brush their dogs' and cats teeth or take them to the vet to have tartar removed, nearly always requiring anesthetic? It's the carbohydrates in kibble that causes the plaque build up. The enzymes and acids contained in raw meat and bones help to prevent tartar build up, not to mention the natural action of ripping meat and gnawing on (uncooked) bones -- nature's toothbrush ?

The Commercial pet food industry has one goal in mind and that is profit, while our little friends are being deprived and denied what they really crave.The closer we can simulate the diet that evolution designed for our dogs and cats to thrive on the closer we will provide the nutrients that our Pet's need to enjoy good health.Since only few can manage to provide the whole prey diet, making a well-designed homemade diet of raw is the next best thing,

In conclusion, when considering what type of diet to feed your dog or cat, it is important to remember that many important nutrients are damaged by heat, light, and oxygen. It is also important to keep in mind that a dog or cat will best utilize nutrients that their body evolved to thrive on. Each species body evolved a particular way that enables it to utilize very particular foods. If an animal guardian wishes to raise a healthy dog or cat, it is up to them to choose a species-appropriate diet that provides nutrients that the animal can easily use to achieve good health.

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